Coronavirus Outbreak: #StaySafe #StayHome

Nowdays this term sounds very frightening because this bio weapon leads the whole world in deep recession.  (COVID-19)   is an ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019  caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus .The outbreak was first identified in Wuhan, Hubei, China. As of 29 March 2020, more than 683,000 cases of COVID-19 have been... Continue Reading →

Best Weekend Road Trips From Delhi

  Road Trips is not just about travelling , it is a top-notch level of excitement, enthuse and a countless experience of the off-road and tracks. It is not about to reach destination but a wrong navigation , stop at dhaba's , all about creating  memories  in a journey. The main advantage about living in... Continue Reading →

Mathuradhish Temple: Holi With Lord Krishna

"HOLI SPECIAL" If festival starts with a blessings of god than it becomes a super excitation and increases the craze for festival . A combination of blessings , devotion , heritage culture , fun , enjoyment , dedication than it is termed as holi utsav at  mathuradhish temple .The name of the deity is Shri  Mathureshji. He is... Continue Reading →

Abheda Mahal: As A Heritage Destination

It is a perfect example for defining a Rajputana culture in Rajasthan. Abheda Mahal, according to the  named "after abheda, in local language it means abhyaaranya" (park). This name is due to its location it is situated 8 km outside the kota city and  this area was jungle; in 1346 AD, however,surrounding environment seems to be covered... Continue Reading →

Fatehsagar Lake : The heart of Udaipur

Fatehsagar Lake said to be the pride of the City of Lakes of Udaipur (Rajasthan) . In the middle of the Fateh Sagar lake is Nehru Park - a lovely garden island with a boat-shaped cafe accessible by an enjoyable boat ride .  It  is a popular picnic spot and has a striking water jet fountain. Udaipur Solar Observatory is... Continue Reading →

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