Taragarh Fort: A “Star fort” In Bundi City

taragarh-fort-bundi1The Taragarh Fort crowns the crest of a steep hill overlooking the bundi city a massive structure which force the people to get in shocked!!!!!!!!! …… Really it is a Taragarh fort which increases the brand value of bundi city and it purely describes the Rajputana culture in Rajasthan or we can say it speaks the level of royality in rajasthan with curved roofs topping pavilions and kiosks, a profusion of temple columns and ornamental brackets, and typically Rajput motifs such as elephants and lotus flowers.  Garh Palace spills pictures down the hillside. it was made up of hard, green-tinged serpentine stone,  This stone  lend itself to fine carving  Garh Palace was embellished by superb paintings .It offers a panoramic view of the city of Bundi situated in Nagpahari of Aravalli ranges.

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 The themes they cover include scenes from religious ceremonies, hunting scenes and other princely amusements. The colors are predominantly blue and green, with touches of deep red and yellow. These water tanks were built to store water and supply it to the residents during a time of water crisis. The water reservoirs have been fixed out of the rocky base of the fort. There is a Rani Mahal in the fort which is a small palace within the compound, and it is built for the wives and concubines of kings.


The place is at its peak of beauty when the sun sets,  and the entire city is immersed in the fading light of the setting sun. A visit to the Fort is an engrossing experience that provides essential details about our rich history and culture.  There are three gateways to the fort, well-known as “Lakshmi Pol”, “Phuta Darwaza” and “Gagudi ki Phatak” due to course of time it damages but still it is a pride for bundi city. During its heyday, it was renowned for its tunnels crisscrossing the entire hillside. . The largest of its battlements is the 16th century bastion known as the “Bhim Burj”, on which was once mounted a particularly large cannon called Garbh Gunjam, or ‘Thunder from the Womb’. The fort also has “Miran Saheb Ki Dargah”.


Summers: 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Winters: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Entry Fee:-

For Indians: INR 25 per person
For Foreigners: INR 100 per person

Also, one has to buy a separate ticket for carrying a digital camera, which costs INR 50; and a ticket for taking along a video camera, which costs INR 100.

How to reach …..

By Air
Nearest airport: kota city airport
By Rail
Nearest railhead: Kota Junction,By Bus
Bundi is located on NH12 between Jaipur and Kota. The road conditions vary with rains and disrepair. There are frequent buses from Kota to Bundi and the journey by bus takes about an hour. A few buses run daily from Jaipur too and the trip takes 7-8 hrs. click it for previous featured…

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Abheda Mahal: As A Heritage Destination

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It is a perfect example for defining a Rajputana culture in Rajasthan. Abheda Mahal, according to the  named “after abheda, in local language it means abhyaaranya” (park). This name is due to its location it is situated 8 km outside the kota city and  this area was jungle; in 1346 AD, however,surrounding environment seems to be covered with a forest and outskirt and countryside location that’s why it has known as abheda … The Maharaja Dheer Deh had it cleared and got an artificial water tank created. Several centuries later, probably in the 18th century,  the mahal was  built at bank of that pond or watertank. During the 1800s, the watertank was home to a large number of crocodiles that had been trained to come out of the water on to the bank and ‘entertain’ visitors.

 The gateway, we entered there is  garden, divided into certain plots , bordered with flowering shrubs and with large trees dotting the garden. it is increases its beauty as a natural and eco-friendly show.  Wall was decorated with huge colourful murals depicting Rajasthani warriors in procession, with horses and elephants and it reflects a pure Rajasthani culture or we can say it depicts a high Rajputana culture. A couple of doorways led into an adjacent plot of land, on which stands the three-storied pavilion that overlooks the water tank. The pavilion is painted cream,and red sandstone railings. On the land side,  a strip of grass and a small ancient well that is now home  turtles and it has some pilgrimage values. On the water side, it is has a square pool, with paved walkways and benches  a section of the tank. Beyond, pool, lie there is  the main stretch of water – lots of fish here, and dragonflies buzzing about, iridescent in the sunshine.  The lotuses flowering in it, rather dirty and scummy.it is best chilling destination as a historic visit and it has great architecture value, little picnic in the garden.

Entry Fee – 10 rs/-

Timings : 10 AM TO 7PM  ( MONDAY CLOSED)



Address:  nanta Kota, Rajasthan 323021


Nearest airport : kota airport (10 km away)

Nearest railway station : kota junction (12 km away)

Easily taxis, auto rickshaws available to reach here.. for another best spot in kota city  …click it Garadia Mahadev : A Hidden Natural beauty

  Seven wonders park : best weekend destination in kota city

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Seven wonders park : best weekend destination in kota city

Are you Shocked!!! How it is possible that all the wonders of world are at same place ..but it is true  and happens in kota city of rajasthan .  Never been able to visit the seven wonders across the globe? Not to worry! You can now witness all of them in a single go. Seven Wonders Park in Kota comprises of miniatures of all the Seven Wonders of the World . In this park all the clones or miniatures of all seven wonders presented here in a beautiful manner and they all seems looks like a real one. These include Taj Mahal, Great Pyramid, Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower, Christ the Redeemer of Brazil, Colosseum, and Statue of Liberty.

The project which was undertaken to build this garden was worth 20 crores by Urban Development Department. It took more than 150 workers to complete the project. It is famous shooting location among bollywood …the renowned film “badrinath ki dulhania” is shoot here.images (8)

It has become a famous tourist spot and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. These miniatures have been built on the bank of the Kishore Sagar Lake thereby enhancing its beauty. People flock to the park to enjoy a lovely picnic with friends and family.  Situated in Ballabhbari, bordering Sarovar, Seven Wonders of the world are being raised in a single park in Kota.  Camera are allowed so you capture the scenic beauty of nature with these all seven wonders miniatures….images (7)

The best time to visit the park is during the evening.

Entry fee: only 10 RS/-
08:00 AM – 09:30 PM

How To Reach..

Address: Kotri Mini Flyover, Ballabhbari, Gaytri Vihar, Kota, Rajasthan 324007

Nearest Airport: kota city airport ( only 3.3 km away)

Nearest Railway junction: kota junction ( only 5.9 km away)

It is situtated in centre of city so easily all mean of transport available here for transportation.. ANOTHER  TOURIST ATTRACTION IN KOTA CITY…Garadia Mahadev : A Hidden Natural beauty


Trip to Lansdowne: An Unexplored Place In Uttarakhand

download (6)Lansdowne, is a downloadcantonment town in Pauri Garhwal district in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.Lansdowne or Lansdown is a town and a hill station situated on the Kothdwar – Pauri road at a height of 1,706 m in Uttarakhand, India. Lansdowne is located in the Pauri district of Uttarakhand, 45 km from Kotdwar.

download (5)It is major tourist attraction in uttarakhand..but due to some reason it is unexplored…

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Karni Mata Temple : A Rope way Journey In Udaipur

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night view from temple

Shri Manshapurna Karni Mata Temple is a Hindu temple located on the Machla Magra Hills, near the Doodh Talai Lake in Udaipur, Rajasthan. It enshrines the stone idol of Karni Mata. One can have very beautiful view of whole city and its lakes from the temple as well as while climbing. The main shrine of Mata Karni here is accompanied by what the natives and many ardent devotees worship – rats!



 images (6)It is accessible by a ropeway or via stairs that from Manikyalal Verma Park. Built somewhere between 1620 and 1628, it was later developed by the Shri Manshapurna Karni Mata Development Committee in the year 1997. The Mansapurna Karni Mata Ropeway was built by businessman Kailash Khandelwal in collaboration with UIT in 2008. The ropeway links the two places through a fixed grip mono cable of 387 meters and is the first ropeway of Rajasthan .  The cable cars ferry sightseers on 4-5 minutes short trips up the hill .  Savor memorable sunset views if you visit the temple in the evening , at night the lighting done on the different palaces gives a splendid view.


The rope-way is located in the heart of the city, so, one can get access to the place easily. mouth-watering cuisines served to your taste at very affordable rates at the sunset point atop Machhala Hill.

Timings: 9 AM to 8 PM  ( for cable car)

Ropeway Charges:  Rs. 72 for Indian Adults, Rs. 36 for Indian Child, Rs. 300 for Foreign Adult and Rs. 150 for Foreign Child

How To Reach..

Address: Jawahar Nagar, Pichola, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Nearest airport: Maharana Pratap Airport

Nearest railway station: Udaipur city Railway station

It is situated in main city so easily transportation available here rickshaw , tangos, auto-rickshaw…etc

Fatehsagar Lake : The heart of Udaipur


Fatehsagar Lake said to be the pride of the City of Lakes of Udaipur (Rajasthan) . In the middle of the Fateh Sagar lake is Nehru Park – a lovely garden island with a boat-shaped cafe accessible by an enjoyable boat ride .  It  is a popular picnic spot and has a striking water jet fountain. Udaipur Solar Observatory is also located in the Fateh Sagar Lake.

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Aerial view

It is basically known as [FS] .It is one of the four lakes of the Udaipur city; the other three being: the Lake Pichola (within the Udaipur town), Udai Sagar Lake,Dhebar Lake or Jaisamand Lake. It is an artificial lake named after Maharana Fateh Singh of Udaipur and Mewar, constructed north-west of Udaipur, to the north of Lake Pichola in the 1680s.

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It is major attraction among tourists and famous among all localities in Udaipur city. It is one of the most popular lakes of Udaipur, also called the Lake city.  The lake comprises three small islands and is surrounded by scenic views of the mighty Aravalli Mountains.

 The atmosphere here is calm, and tourists are bound to find themselves enthralled by the blanket of tranquillity the place warms them up with. One can easily go around the circumference of the Fateh Sagar Lake by driving on the Moti Magri Road and get a fantastic view of the entire lake. Apart from enjoying a laid-back afternoon in the serene beauty of this destination.

  • CHARGES FOR BOATING – Rs 200 per person at the lake ( SPEED BOAT)

How to reach…

  • Nearest railway station : Udaipur city…. ( 4 km away from fatehsagar lake)
  • Nearest airport : maharana pratap airport…( 25 km apart)
  • It is situated in city centre so it is easily accessible to reached here by taxi or any mean of transport.